Birmingham in Real Time (BiRT) is a project aiming to provide a real-time data platform for all things related to Birmingham through the collection, analysis, transformation and delivery of actionable data from a range of sources. In the wider scope, BiRT is aiming to create value through combining a range of existing and new data sources, such as car parking data, public transport, air quality, cycling etc.

The project will deliver this transformed data openly, allowing decision-makers, service-creators, analysts and the public to use it freely to improve life in Birmingham.

The work currently undertaken is developing a web Application Programming Interface (API) to facilitate and simplify the process of analysing traffic in Birmingham and assist Birmingham City Council staff in detecting and managing issues and accidents much quicker and more reliably.

BiRT was born out of the ERDF project Innovation Engine 2 and developed into a standalone undertaking. It is currently led by the Digital Media Technology Lab at Birmingham City University.

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Birmingham in Real Time is aims to provide a platrorm for analysis, visualisation and distribution of open data related to Birmingham and the West Midlands.


  • Weather and Cycling added to API
  • Cycling panel on map added
  • Live data plots on map markers
  • Map Settings > Filters > Speed/Flow now update on Time Control changes (see Map)
  • Completed first iteration of API documentation. See Docs in menu...